Swimming celebrations in year 4

Last half term 4mh had the chance to go swimming. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and worked extremely hard with many getting awarded with certificates.

Year 5 bikeability training

Year 5 have had the opportunity to work with bikeability coaches working on their cycling skills. They have learnt how to cycle on the road safely and have put that to test by going out around the local area on their bikes.

PE in the classroom

5pb recently had an indoor classroom PE session where they continued looking at net games. They played table tennis and a game they created in which you have to bounce a ball over the net and your opponent has to catch it.

PE in the classroom

Unfortunately due to the terrible weather this week, 5eb were forced to have PE in the classroom. This didn’t stop us from having an enjoyable lesson playing some target games. The aim of the game was to bounce a ping pong ball into your opponent’s cup.

Tackling numbers with Leicester Tigers

Following on from working with year 3, Justin the Leicester Tigers coach is now working in year 4. They are looking at maths within sport and have recently looked at scoring and points in a league table. Here are some pictures from 4sp’s tag rugby session.

High quality hockey in year 3

3sc have been working on their hand and eye coordination through hockey. The pictures show the children dribbling the ball around cones using both sides of the hockey stick.

Year 3 outdoor and adventure-temple building

Combining enquiry with PE, year 3 took part in a workshop building temples. Using canes and rubber bands they had to work together in a team and build parts of a temple to then eventually fit together and create a whole temple. The children had great fun and were successful in their building. Check out…

Year 3’s final session with Leicester Tigers

  Today saw the last session of working with Leicester Tigers. Finishing off the healthy eating scheme, the children had an indoor tag rugby competition. Year 3 had a great time working with the coaches. Check out the pictures and videos below.


Year 5 have started looking at net and rebound games. After playing some volleyball, they have now moved into playing the ancient sport of Cuju. Cuju is lightly based on a game which was played in ancient China where Warriors would celebrate victories over their enemies by beheading them and using their severed heads as balls. The…